• Jade Fubara

Jiri Kalfar: AW18 LFW Showcase

Czech-based designer Jiri Kalfar was a trained ballet dancer before delving into the fashion world, hence why his style is infused with folk-art prints and innovative cuts that confidently frame the body and view it more as a free-flowing silhouette as opposed to a restricted shape.

In his AW18 collection entitled ‘Return of the Queen’ he mixed classically refined fabrics, heavy lace ruffles, traditional plaids, bold colour palettes and contoured yet loose silhouettes to make for an immaculate display. Inspired by a string of renowned designers including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, it is easy to see what aspects of their designs he warmed to.

Standout pieces included a Victorian, cutout corset dress with lace and a polka dot tulle skirt, an electric blue blazer and high-waist trouser set with a transparent, embellished body underneath, and a stunning metallic, floor-sweeping ruffle dress.

The celebration of the female soul was seen in a wonderful warp of structured, cinched and high-collar pieces and much more looser, free-flowing dresses in sheer fabrics. It was clear to see that the collection wasn’t necessarily about the return of a queen, but more so to capture the true essence of what it means to be a queen.

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