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John Lawrence Sullivan: AW18 LFW Menswear Show

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

The London Fashion Week men’s shows opened with the unveiling of the John Lawrence Sullivan AW18 collection from talented founder and designer, Arashi Yanagawa. Subtle references were made to films such as American Psycho, Matrix, Twin peaks and Taxi Driver which all featured a standout, wired character of some sort, hence why science-fiction and western met the 80s city workers and rock 'n' rollers under one roof for one insanely strong showcase

The collection explored themes related to the ‘psychopath’ and the ‘psycho killer’ and was reflected through it’s dark tones and understated pops of colour seen throughout a series of long and sinister, tailored coats, dark turquoise velvet suits and several leather pieces; overall tapping into a real rock ’n’ roll meets cowboy aesthetic.

Although the overall colour palette rested on the darker and more sinister end of the scale, heavy blacks were complimented by charcoal grey, pea green, chocolate and purples – although animal prints and dark turquoise did make brief but noticeable cameos.

The designer is known for using traditional elements of suiting to create edgy, masculine pieces with accentuated silhouettes, and his Autumn Winter collection was no different. Whilst sending out models in oversized, baggy 80’s pinstripe suits in boxy silhouettes, he still managed to make reference to the tough boys of the wild west through python cowboy boots and strong leather jacket, all along, exploring notions of a natural born killer assuming different roles in society quite convincingly.

Whether each model walked out dressed for a rodeo, a ride on a Harley or a late-night killing ‘spree’ he (and she in some cases) was dressed for the occasion in a masculine and ironically secure and stable way, unpredictable as each character may appear to others.

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