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KOCCA: LFW AW18 Collection

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) is an affiliate organisation of the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. This year, they showcased eight talented fashion and accessories brands at the London Fashion Week AW18 designer showrooms; Beauton, Kimmy.J, J.Won, Moon Lee, ChasunYoung, Gayeon Lee, BMUETE(TE) and Anne and the Crwd.


The pieces within this collection had a simplistic and contemporary take on classic style having been inspired by the 1920s era. There were muted neutral tones, velvets, ruching, oversized shirts worn as dresses and floral pearl buttons, making for distinctive, sharp and elegant line-up.


This minimalist jewellery lines was founded by Kayoung Kim, an artist and designer based in Seoul who boasts a background in sculpture and fashion.

The collection was inspired by ‘egg’ shape which was done in a very edgy and unique way – although the designs were clean and simplistic, they were far from boring as they incorporated other elements of the ear besides the lobe, thereby giving the body a new dimension whilst remaining minimal.


These ready-to-wear pieces were designed by the duo, Byungmun Seo and Jina Um, who have used extremely creative cuts to push the boundaries of traditional garment construction. The results? Unique silhouettes and plenty of layering using accessible yet luxurious fabrics and materials to create the perfect avant-garde collection.


This innovative designer has merged streetwear with the more traditional style to create a diverse, stand-out pieces for everyday – and night – wear. This season, she focused on the puffa jacket and incorporated shades of silver, pastel pink and bright purple, all of which truly injected life into the standard items of clothing we once knew.


Having previously worked for Alexander McQueen as a Knitwear Director before launching her own brand, it is safe to say this designer knows her stuff when it comes to the craft. For her AW18 collection, she has experimented heavily with construction techniques, intricate detailing and colour to make for an outstanding showcase. Her aim is to give knitwear a voice and an identity rather than it remaining a ‘comfort’ piece. Inspired by ‘Field Trips’ the words were subtly emblazoned across jumper sleeves and hems to support the natural yet bold messages being sent out to the public.


Moon Lee is a contemporary womenswear label that aims to go beyond the traditional dress. Inspired by English Gardens, Injoo Lee has incorporated modern pattern cutting with traditional Korean textiles to create stand-out yet wearable pieces. Lee used the brand almost as vehicle to express her thoughts and beliefs on current affairs, so rest assured, the message behind each of her collections will often hold deeper meanings beyond their surfaces.


This collection titled the ‘Air Collection’ includes a selection of icicle shaped bracelets, vine-like earrings and beads modelled by multiple people walking around the showroom.


Gayeon Lee began her career working in both London and New York for a number of acclaimed luxury labels before taking the plunge and creating her own womenswear label.

Her AW18 collection was aimed at the confident women and each piece exuded simplicity and sophistication whether it be through her choice of fabric or garment cut. Overall, her collection portrayed a great understanding of textiles as well as a passion for the fine arts.

The collection was all about movement and flow as colours flowed through beautifully fluid shapes to create a truly unique and personal piece for its owner.

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