• Jade Fubara

Rocky Star: AW18 LFW Collection Showcase

Known for his exquisite craftsmanship, opulent embroidery and perfect fit, Rocky star was the first designer to design pieces for the general public and for celebrities.

His label is renowned for its simple yet stylish design aesthetic with a mix of hand crafted textures and glamorous silhouettes. His AW18 collection truly honoured his Indian heritage and many traditions through beautiful printed silks, beautiful drapery and delicate embellishment. His aim through the creation and presentation of collection is to explore India, it’s culture, artisans and fabrics as in his words, ‘the richness of India is yet to be explored.’

The textiles in the collection were woven especially for the show and specialist craftspeople worked months ahead of the final show with Zardosi – a type of embroidery that was once the prerogative of the royals alone – to create the perfect collection. Each piece has been created with the precision and detailing fit for royal blood, but they have been created into wearable, contemporary pieces to cater to those seeking current and fast-changing fashion trends.

Rocky describes the modern day woman as being ‘strong, beautiful and a traveller. She is very much emotional and feminine and therefore, values the importance of holding on to certain traditions.’ Although is it inspired by various places in India, the collection is mindful of the fact that the modern woman can be anywhere at anytime.

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