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Toogood AW18: AW18 LFW Collection

Updated: Feb 23, 2018

Sisters Faye and Erica Toogood were raised amid the fields of the English countryside, hence, why it makes perfect sense that their new AW18 collection, entitled ‘Working Landscape’ was inspired by the natural forms, shapes, textures and tones of nature. Shades of brown, desert red, beige, greys and cream were seen throughout the collection.

The design duo injects both of their skillsets into the production of each any every piece; Faye mainly focuses on materiality whilst Erica obsessives over drapes, shape-making. Their pieces take inspiration from traditional workwear, but they approach fashion design from different angles – sometimes working with architects, painters and product designers to create practical yet innovative pieces. Alongside warm wool coats, suits jackets and wool scarves, there are also several loose fitting, three-quarter trousers, foiled overcoats and oversized bomber coats in some very inviting shapes this fall.

The dips, shapes and rolls of the land and its various untouched surfaces were mirrored through the sister’s use of an earthy beige palette, oversized forms and plenty of draping. The collection proudly supports sustainable fashion wear as each piece has been created for long term use.

The models range from male to female, from pale-skinned to black and from young to mature - with their ageing skin proudly shown to emphasis the wonder and natural formation of cracks and openings along pavements and brick walls. With the effective use of dried clay streaked across their skin and hair, they merge into the clothes and almost become an element of nature themselves – whether this be a leaf, a piece of tree bark or the dry desert ground.

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