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Top 5 looks from the VIN + OMI after party

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

London Fashion week was off to a late start for me as I sprinted across town to catch the after party of my first event of the season- the VIN + OMI after party. Having researched the brand prior to arrival, I was aware of their unique approach to fashion. VIN + OMI are a brand focused on sustainable, eco friendly fashion that has a radical, retro aesthetic with a contemporary twist. Their recent collection was true to form with pieces that emulated 70's punk vs. 90's club kid. Fittingly, the show was headlined by Debbie Harry walking the runway. "We are not sheep" was the slogan boldly imprinted on the gift bags being handed out at the VIN + OMI after party. This sentiment couldn't have been more clear.

It is common practice to wear items of clothing that are akin to the designers' overall ethos and more often than not there will be an affinity between the attendees and the aesthetics of the collection. For the attendees at this event, I left with a great sense of brand loyalty and British fashion at its best.

Here are my top fave looks from the show's after party:

5. Girls do it better

These three were killing it with their individual styles. I especially loved the black beret paired with the white and red leather Chanel bag that had some lovely fringing on the zipper. I thought the three of them championed a great mix of boho chic and current sportswear (shoutout to the vintage Adidas worn by the girl in the middle) I thought they looked like the next big girl band and loved how they almost look coordinated.

4. Lady in Red

Britain's Next Top Model star and body positive activist Victoria Clay, definitely stood out with this look. She was in a striking all red ensemble, combining leather with fur (a classic 70's combo that would have looked at home at Andy Warhol's private booth at Studio 54) She also had died her hair to match the outfit which I thought was a great touch. There's also a hint of scary spice mixed into this look which is fitting, considering the late 90's and early 00's are about to come back into style, full swing.

3. Rebel, Rebel

So I'm kind of cheating with this one because what really struck me about it was the make up, not the outfit but I figure it should still count- I loved the overall styling, it was the perfect mix of David Bowie, Patti Smith and Annnie Lennox all wrapped up in one. This model had just been in the runway show and had kept her striking black eye make up on and it goes fabulously with her bright blue fade and vintage fur coat. My favorite thing about it is actually the lip gloss she chose- pale pink lip gloss remindful of the early 00's has been touted as the next big make up trend and this was one of my favorite spins on it.

2. Vivienne, Vivienne, Vivienne

This was definitely the most indicative look I came across. I thought this ensemble was a genius homage to punk sensibilities directly taken from 70's Britain. The clashing neatral tones paired with makeshift tartan made for a distinctive, head turning look (loved the Vivienne Westwood tote bag as an endearing signature.) I also thought it was a fun touch to wrap belts around his boots in replacement of shoelaces- the whole look has Malcom Mclaren and (literally) Vivienne Westwood written all over it.

1. Last one standing

While maybe not the most cutting edge of the looks I came across, this was personally my favorite. I'm a sucker for some high waisted fishnets underneath either ripped jeans or, in this case, a bright orange silk skirt and beautifully simple bardot black top pushed casually off one shoulder. She also chose to style it with a killer belt, remindful of 90's Armani. She topped it off with a fantastic, vintage tribly hat.

While I was gutted to have missed the runway, I think it's fair to say this display of fashion more than made up for it.

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