• Jade Fubara

VIN + OMI: AW18 LFW Showcase

British design duo Vin + Omi have pioneered a new wave of eco-contemporary luxury with their use of organic UK materials such as chestnut faux leather and textiles produced from water-salvaged plastics.

Their AW18 showcase, titled ‘We Are Not Sheep’ certainly kept to this ethos and did well in sending a stream of political messages out to the fashion industry calling for more sustainability and environmentally ethical fashion.

Halter neck tops and dresses that were designed to mirror depleted barrier reefs, tentacles and sting-rays were wrapped around several of the models that walked the show this season – many of whom were also wearing innovative headpieces made out of no-kill llama and rare breed sheep fleece.

The other side of the collection was submerged into the greener side of the water with bright, digital prints of layered leaves and organic shapes streamed across bright bomber jackets, tops, skirts and gathered-waist trousers. There were also a few wet look pastel coloured shorts-sets, which really did help pull the collection together nicely whilst also building the theme well.

The colour theme merged coral, cream and powdery shades, as well as cellular, technicolour prints together with the help of conceptual tunics and tops, maxi pinafores and mid-length dresses with scoop necks.

As another way of bringing the final collection together, the digital crest print of a ram is featured throughout the entire line to highlight the message loud and clear – that we need to start making much more conscious decisions within our industry for the sake of our planet.

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