Editorials for issues and online would have to consist of a minimum of 6-8 IMAGES for both beauty and fashion sections. Submissions for online editorials are open-themed and not strictly exclusive for the magazine, meaning that if you have published the photos elsewhere, we won't reject them. However, submissions for editorials are exclusive to the magazine and therefore photos cannot be published or seen anywhere else. We have different themes for these so please make the editorial relevant to them otherwise we might not consider your work. Along with your editorial, please include a credit list of everyone involved and a brief description of the concept behind your work. The current theme for our next issue is ACCEPTANCE and the deadline is 12TH JANUARY.

Written Work

We accept all kinds of creative writing, whether that is an article, short story or poetry - we don't want to limit creativity in this area. If you'd like to write something for one of our issues, please make sure you keep coming back to this page to find out what our theme is and the deadline to submit your work by. Please also give us a message if you're interested to write a guest blog post as we are looking for more writers!

Email all submissions to: